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Gifting Ideas for your friends & Family

Well lovelies December is nearly upon us, and I know sometimes it is a difficult month when all of a sudden someone has come into your head you have forgotten about or you need a hostess gift or your girlfriends or even need some stocking filler inspiration! Gents look no further for ideas, I am here to offer some suggestions and tips!


The first thing I need you to do is take a breath, don’t panic, breaking down what you can get for someone is a lot easier with just a little planning, and the key word “thought”. Always write a list and stick to it and you will be fine!

The best advice if you want 

to be more organised I can give you is to create a list of all the lovely people you have to buy for and write what they like, do they travel a lot for business or for work, do they love beauty or fashion, are they a diehard bake off fan?, do they in conversation see something and say “oh I would love that” Guys if you are able to hear her say that, go get your list out of your wallet write it down and go get it! My dad always did this for us, he was a hero gift giver, and because he listened and remembered something we said months ago can you imagine how appreciated and thoughtful we though he was! And he truly was! The other thing about being a great gift giver is the joy you will find is giving instead of receiving! Every year for years I have always gone last opening my pressies, one I love the anticipation, but more than anything I love to see people’s faces and enjoy their moment!


So for ladies or gents that travel a lot either work or pleasure, or are very into beauty & grooming or Stocking fillers here we go! I would suggest taping into skin care brands, Nuxe I have found to be fantastic this year as not only are their gift sets and travel sets great and so reasonably priced, sign up for their loyalty programme to earn points whilst you shop and you will receive fantastically sized samples, which add to travel kits or great stocking fillers, or maybe even a treat to yourself!

The other companies  I find which are  great for samples and sets is Elemis & Liz Earle who always have great offers though Elemis is more  pricey than Liz Earle but both are great British brands and let’s be honest who would be unhappy with a gift from any of these fabulous brands!


For Makeup Charlotte Tilbury, Mac , Estee Lauder and Tarte have great collections and git sets!


Other ideas for other stocking fillers, hostess gifts and anyone who is a serious interiors lover I would suggest taping into a more safer zone so here is a few suggestions


For Home gifts  I would definitely take a look online or visit Anthropologie , Marks and Spencers, TKMaxx, Hotel Chocolate, Lakeland and Oliver Bonus. Great gifts are Anagrammed cups /Mugs M&S  Gourmand Coffees – TK Maxx have a great selection, beautifully made chocolate truffles by Hotel Chocolate, A lovely Prosecco and popaball bubbles for prosecco – the rose gold from Lakeland are my favourite and look fantastic at a party!


Jewellery or cosmetic brush pots, and coasters are another great gift and Anthropologie and Oliver Bonus are fabulous for these. Anthropologie and Marks and Spencers do also beautiful candles, Though TKMaxx range has something for everyone, and great price points!


If you wish to go luxe then I would suggest the best Luxe Candles are Jo Malone, Diptique, Boredo and Voluspa


If they love baking or want to get into it, go onto Amazon and find a great cookbook, or eat yourself beautiful! Liz Earle books, Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe, Mary Berry’s cookbooks are always a winner  Also look at Lakeland and TK Maxx for cooking implements, baking accessories, Oven gloves and gorgeous tea towels! There are also fabulous service plates or cocktail accessories and Anthropologie are great for those too!


Fashionistas I would say you can never go wrong with Accessories such as Hats, gloves and bags from Zara, Topshop and River Island! If you have a medium to high Budget Radley, Michael Kors and Kate Spade are great, And if you have a luxe budget then it has to be either Valentino, Aspinal, Mulbery & Dior.


If you have someone who needs to destress and relax, create a home spa or time out for themselves then I think Aromatherapy Associates, Rituals, This works and The White Company are excellent sources, they have great christmas gifts sets as well as individual products! Sleep spray by This works is phenomenal.


If you want to go down more a small business and artisanal route can I suggest the Little House Of Hygge, Susie Watson and Faileag Scottish Rosehip Oil. I know you will find something you love! 


So I hope some of tips have helped you out of a panic, or got your creative juices flowing and you will now be off and running! Take your time and enjoy the buying, you don’t have to spend a fortune! Maybe you are creative and can make your own home made gift i.e. candles, Condiments, cakes, Biscuits, beauty and candles!


Let me share this last moment with you!

One year at Christmas my dad wrapped up some rubber gloves for my mum, when she opened them, well can you imagine!!! He kept her going for a while! When really he had bought her a lovely bracelet which after he realised he was still alive …. Just, he gave to her real pressie! The laugher and love in this house was always abundant at Christmas, a few small family spats but hey isn’t that what Christmas is about! It’s a time I always look back at with such a happy heart, between my grandparents, parents and friends who all were welcome, there are so many great memories some utterly hilarious, Between Charades which wasn’t a film but a microwave…… burnt mince pies stuck to someone’s teeth and they smiled unaware! A friend cycling home from our boxing day part slightly merry to his parents Christmas party and fell of his bike and got stuck in a hedge!! Yes everyone seen him! To a candle on the dining table that kept going out after a second of it being lit, though maybe it being bought from the Reject shop ……. The clue could have been in the name!!


Always remember why you love the person you a buying for and how much giving them a little bit of joy could brighten a tough or stressful time

Always  take time to enjoy seeing others faces and joy when they open what you give them is a priceless memory! And what is It we remember like I said above about my dad, it wasn’t what he bought me or my mum although very treasured, it was the thought and care he took, and also the laughter with his silly gifts with his serious ones!


Happy Christmas lovelies, I hope you have a happy and peaceful one, creating lots of memories with those you love!





Help me sleep well .....

lets see if  I can, see below! 

Can Products help you sleep better, tried & tested!

Sleep Goodies

As you will have seen from my Instagram I was depserate for a good night sleep, so when I recieved my The Little House of Hygge - Sleep well live well box, I also looked at some new sleep products I bought and thought I would try them out and see what worked and what didn't! My mission was a great full night of sleep!


I started using all of the products and have to say I found a combo that worked along with adding a little something to the mix and my neighbours actually being quiet for me to achieve the much needed full night sleep, and god did it feel good! 


My winning combination was to firstly light the "this works" Lavender candle whilst watching the tv, I then went and had a relaxing warm shower with the Feather & Down shower cream mixed with the Elemis milk bath, I then applied the Bath & Bodyworks sleep lotion with chamomile which smells lovely! Whilst I let that soak in I sprayed my bed with the "This Works" Deep Sleep pillow spray which is extremley relaxing and smells fabulous! 

The Feather & Down sleep spray is utterly dreamy and I sprayed this on my nightie and used the balm on my pulse points, and then massaged into my face and hands the lovely Scottish pure Faileag Lavender rosehip oil.

Rosehip oil is one of the best regenerative plant oils, it's rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and E, the lavender is subtle so is not over powering. My extra hero items were I sprayed the back of my calves and my feet with Better You 's  Magnesium Original oil spray! Magnesium is great for relaxing muscles and aids sleep, magnesium oil and flakes bath by Better you are great also for sports injuries, running recovery and eczema but be warned if you have low levels of magnesium in your body this can tingle/sting at first but this will subside, I also put my fan on a low setting so the white noise blocked out any other sounds, with all the lovely lavender, chamomile floating around it was good night sleep and  all night long for Louise! Bonus I woke with amazingly soft skin. My advice would be to definitely get trying and mixing products around as I think you need to layer some products, re-think your bedroom routine, and try different combinations.


If you wish to know all the products I used please do look at my instagram Picture where they are all listed.


I would love to know what works for you, or if you try any of these products and they help you!


Happy Sleeping! 



Elemis This WorkFaileag Rosehip Oil The little house of Hygge 

My Favourite Autumn & Winter Fragrances

Autumn & Winter Collection

Autumn is now in full swing and I always love to change the perfumes I wear to reflect this.

I like to wear fragrances that are very soft and comforting or very dark and moody. Every year I wave goodbye to any fresh flowery scents or tropical inspired ones, and embrace a stronger classic style

There are a few favourites discovered over the past year that I truly love, and every time I smell them they just make me smile and feel good

 This is the time of the year when you can be really bold and try out and discover new fragrance as September and October is when a lot of new launches happen so get down to your local Boots, perfume shop or I can highly recommend trying out fragrance sample collections boxes from The Perfume Society, it has just released a box containing a lot of new launches and you get extra treats and some bigger sizes so well worth the try! I have been a diehard member from the very first box!

I have included a slide show so you can see the perfumes I am currently wearing this season, Perfume has always been as important to me as mascara, and knickers, I won’t leave home without them!



What are your favourite Autumn & Winter perfumes?  xoxo


Jo Malone Perfume   Society   Tom Ford  Miller Harris Juliette has a Gun  

Elizabeth James   Paris: She met him in secret  Yves Rocher 

The Autumn & Winter collection so far....

Perfume Society - Latest Launches Collection

Aura - Mugler, Modern Muse - Estee Lauder, Evening Rose - Aerin Lauder, Nightshade - Jasper Conran

Jo Malone

Myrrh & tonka, Mimosa & Cardamom

Miller Harris - Juliette has a gun

La Fumee - Miller Harris, Lady Vengeance - Julette has a gun

Tom Ford & Elizabeth James

Black Orchid - Tom Ford, Nirvana Bourbon - Elizabeth James

Home Fragrance Loves!

My home Fragrance Loves!

A few of you lovely IGers have been asking me to do a blog on what I use for home fragrance! Well here it is!

To be honest my collection is Vast and when it comes to fragrance whether it be for myself or the home, I am… how can I put it, an avid sniffer outer! There is a possible chance there are brands yet I have not tried so do point any out these out to me.

My confession is I do have a fragrance cupboard!! Am I the only one that has that? if you do, or want to see it leave a comment below and I can post a pic or boomerang and post on IG.

When I go to the USA I do love to visit the world’s best Aladdin’s cave “Anthropologie” I haven’t been to one in the UK yet but must pop into one in London as to me it is a store I could lose myself for hours in! I find their shops full of gorgeous home goods, beauty products, gorgeous clothes and shoes and beautiful candles and cookbooks, oops sorry to go on as its beginning to sound like an Anthro blog! Maybe I should do that? Anyhoo my Anthro Fave candles are a range by Candle fish travel tins, they are gorgeous I have one that reminds me of my favourite Tenerife Hotel allthough it’s a been a few years since I was last there and that is the zen vinccila plantacion dels hotel & Spa, and my other one I dare you not to like is a fabulous Garamond fragrance “Angel Food” it sort of reminds me of Angel cake! Oh the smell is so creamy and lush! And if you are on Sugar free then this is the one!!

The other brands I discovered on my US trips and fell in love with are Bath and Bodyworks and Voluspa! The reason I love these two as Bath & Bodyworks appeals to my whimsical eclectic tastes, as their range of fragrances everyone can find one they love and their scent throw is pretty amazing. Voluspa I love their collections I have tried and love Bella Sucre, one I cannot remember it now I think sadly it has been discontinued was something Peche – it was delish! I think it was creamy peaches! The other ones I have tried is Laguna – really lovely costal and fresh but not that oceanic smell that is cheap and synthetic! So if you love the sea or beach, highly recommends that! The other one which is very soft and sexy and if you like soft I would go for Mokara which is Lily, orchid and spring Moss. The fragrance range and room sprays are just utterly stunning and you can smell through the whole house, and even better all Voluspa home fragrances are made with no phthalates, no parabens, no sulfates, and no animal testing. And for you who like a bit of story behind the name well Voluspa is the name of the mythical Viking story about Thor and Odin. Not just for super heroes, we loved that it is also known as wisdom, or the name for a goddess of wisdom. Maybe I need to do a blog just dedicated to Voluspa too!

I have recently got into DW candles and have to say I have fallen in love. You can order from their website but also TKmaxx have some instock at this time! I love their Jars and fragrances, I have their Marine and Sea Salt which is fab, and this weekend as it the start of Autumnal telly and the return of Cold feet & Strictly I am going to use their Warm tobacco pipe candle, which is so warming, subtly sexy and makes you think of Luxury, champers by the fire and dinner for two! Though in reality it will be me, the dog and mum snuggled on the sofa with maybe a vino!

Closer to home of course I could not go without mentioning obviously the Legendary Jo Malone and The White Company whom I adore, and I think us Brits are steadfast fans of these two brands! They really are classy and rich. My favourites with them is JML Pomegranate Noir & Lime Basle & Mandarin for the White Company I simply adore Cassis, Winter, Verveine & Lime & Bay. I am crazy for the White companies Christmas Pot pourri, Botanical candles and I love when they bring out little ceramic stars and hearts with a little limited addition fragrance! And I love spritzing around either Jo Malones Pomegranate noir and the White Company’s Cassis and winter! Perfect for that autumn/Christmas vibe!

So lately I have been checking out a few new brands and have come across two independent small businesses who I think do amazing candles but are both very different! These companies are Soul Candles & SevenseventeenUk

Sevenseventeen’s candles are very classy, I truly believe this company can compete with Jo Malone & The White Company! I am in love with their Plum candle you really need to check it out, as you will not be disappointed and you are helping an independent business! The throw is fabulous and their candle design will work in any room.

Soul Candles give you that spa feel, and are perfect when you are feeling a little jaded, need a pick me up or very exhausted and need to just switch off and relax, I love using mine I use the "relax " fragrance when doing a home spa day! To me I feel this brand could compete with Neom and Aromatherapy Associates whom I also love and to let you know if you love Aromatherapy Associates they have launched a limited edition fragrance in memory of co-founder Geraldine Howard which I personally think is a truly wonderful dedication. I for one will certainly be buying a bottle.

I have recently due to Instagram Pressure, what could we call that IGessure??? well I bought and tried the Aldi’s Jo Malone Dupe and I have tried the no2 one which is based on Blackberry bay and I have to say I was super impressed! I hear they are now doing diffusers, my Aldi’s is small and hit and miss where I live but would love to get hold of more of their candles and also try the diffusers as you will see in my photos I do love a good diffuser!

How I do like Skandi brands and one company whom I use a lot in the autumn/winter months and I am an avid fan of their bath & body line too is Rituals, I adore their private collection and literally could dive into the Woody Vanilla Candle, and I hope they re-release the “fragrance of light” again for Christmas ( Sorry!) as that was another one I went crazy for!

Having just tried a lovely Meraki Candle also from the Little House of Hygge and it was called Sandcastles and Sunsets, I really love this company and am in love with their Rose water too, Little House Of Hygge is a favourite shop of mine and I do receive their subscription box, this is a British independent company giving you access to buy items that give you that comfy cozy hygge feel! They have 10% off your first order – By the way I am not sponsored to send you to anyone’s sites, I buy from these companies of my own accord from my sadly at times moth ridden purse lol

I have to say I like to dot diffusers around the house so you get a nice waft and gentle aroma as you walk into the room, I have been very impressed of late with Next’s home fragrance range, currently I am loving their Blackberry Compote & Cassis, The Hamptons & Rose and Orange Blossom. I also find M&S if you have an oil burner Neroli, lime and Basil & Sicillian Fig. I do like their Fragonard range for diffusers and am intrigued to try the Emma Bridgewater diffusers.


Two other British Home fragrance companies I utterly love is Heyland & Whittle & Lily-Flame they are mid range in price and do gorgeous fragrances and are very different from one another and if you have not tried you really should! If you love Prosecco I would certainly give the Clementine & Prosecco a try it’s fabulous! And really want to try the Vanilla Custard candle in a tin, I think that would be fab placed in with my B&BW Pumpkin candle which a wonderful Colleague picked up for me in NY. The other company has to be Lily-Flame, this company was the first company to really get me into candles and I still love Fairy Dust and I also love Dolly Rocker, Blush & for Christmas – Whoops sorry I said it! I love Christmas Eve and Jack Frost, and how couldn’t you with names like Dolly Rocker and the colours and chunks they have in the tins!


As you can see from my whole list, there are so many wonderful companies out there, the variety is huge, and I know there are tons more for me to discover! Ooh meant to say I also have tried a candle by Ecoya for my birthday and definitely want to investigate their range as I was impressed with the one I received you can find this brand at John Lewis, and maybe as I keep mentioning it I should do a home fragrance special for Christmas?


Please, please, do share candle companies you recommend, your favourite fragrances, would you like me to show you my candle Cupboard and would you like a Home Fragrances Christmas special? Maybe I should do a Insta story on that too! Once again Thank you for all your support, daily interactions and the inspiration you give to me! It’s such a creative paradise and I have made some really lovely Insta friends

If you wish to check any of these companies out, please follow the links below.





Anthropologie  vincci la plantacion del sur  Voluspa DW Jo Malone The White Company Soul Candles Rituals  Sevenseventeen  The Little House of Hygge Next Marks & Spencer Aromatherapy Associates Neom Organics Heyland & Whittle  Lily Flame

Why I am mad about Flowers!!

Freddie's Lillies

Welcome to my second post, a lot happier one I promise! I apologise now as I am a novice at this!


I fell in love with Flowers as a child, my Grandparents Johhny & Dolly bless them, just loved their garden and gardening. My Grandad was very passionate about his runner beans!! My dad always bought my mum flowers , and he also loved buying her plants they were never saved for just "occasions or Valentines day", so there has been abundance of flowers throughout my life, I recieved my first Valentines bouquet when I was 14, sadly his love was unrequited but they were huge and beautiful bouquet, wasted on a 14 year old girl if you ask me! I have to put this out there Every flower company will hate me for saying this but I think Valentines day flowers are a rip off, and also the quality that a lot of shops dish out! ( sorry about that ) I know not all are like that, I have recieved and seen some shockers over the years! Not being ungrateful but It annoys me how they rip people off.

Anyhoo, Flowers to me have always meant love, happiness and Fragrance. I am crazy about fragrance and how that stirs great memories the two go hand in hand for me. That’s why I love to grow Roses and Nemesia as the smells are just gorgeous! We did have the most beautiful Jasmine plant but sadly it had to be dug up and moved to install the conservatory, we did manage to save it and planted it further down the garden but it will take quite a long time to grow to the amazing fragrant magnitude it was before.


I really believe that flowers can brighten even the dullest corner or really pull a room together, and I love it when Peony season comes round. I grow my own roses which are a beautiful peachy melba colour and the smell is divine. Though this very hot spell we have been having here in the UK has made gardening here somewhat difficult, and as much as I love gardening with all the work on the house, having a dog and well time being limited it is difficult as they are a labour of love and time!


Due to this I am partial to purchasing my flowers for inside and have been loving using  freddiesflowers LouiseF7070

I do regularly go into town on a Saturday as we have a flower market, he has such lovely assortment of flowers and plants, and the prices are so cheap, you could come aways with 4 large bunches for £30. So I recomend you look at what is available locally. 

If you fancy a day out with a flower theme I have three places ro recommend 

Hitchin Lavender

Its a beautiful place where you can pick your own lavender and also buy lots of different lavender products in their barn shop, or have Tea and cake in the lovely cafe. Its also a fabulous place for a photo shoot, I am going in a couple of weeks weather permitting, so if I make it I will upload some photos to my Instagram.

The Baldock Flower Farm

If you love to pick your flowers but want to learn how to style them, or even learn the name of something that catches your eye, then go to the Baldock Flower farm and do their "field to vase" course which is £65. They also sell flowers at the weekend from a little Farm shop at their gate.

Columbia Road

This is probably one of the most well known flower markets in London, it is just fantastic, with a huge variety and lovely to potter around on a Sunday it is open 8 - 2pm  

Where do you source your flowers from, would love to hear about all the other wonderful places out there we can source from?

Have a lovely day Peeps! xxx




Covent Garden the Louloulouisey way!

Welcome back Peeps,

I just love Covent Garden! It has always been one of my favourite places to shop or just potter when in London. It has fabulous Beauty shops, Great places to eat, and plenty of spaces to people watch, or watch the entertainers.

To me it has always been so colourful and quaint, it has that old Dickens feel mixed with modern day life and I just adore it

When I go to Covent Garden I like to firstly go and grab a coffee from  tuttons I just love the vibe in here, and if you sit outside it’s a great place for people watching, this is where we went first upon arrival to catch our breath after the train and tube, and with the weather being so warm it was fabulous, and a great place to discuss our plan of action!

My next stop is a potter and a few purchases from Paperchase it was full of Pineapple and Unicorn books, pen and accessories which was just full of the holiday vibe, I did buy a couple of bits which you will see in the photos! If you love stationery, and quirky designs or different and gorgeous birthday/celebration cards this is the place to visit!

We headed out for an ice-cream from laduree  not only do they do fantastic Macaroons, the shop is like a little Alice in Wonderland treasure, it does the most amazing ice creams, granted it is not cheap but it’s a great place for a treat like Chestnut ice cream!

We then love a potter, spray and sometimes ( just sometimes honest) a purchase from Jomalone      

Jo Malone is one of my favourite shops, I should earn shares between all that I buy but also when I travel with my company I always am “helpful “ at guiding my friends to have a peruse and yes quite a few purchases.  I just love the space in the Covent Garden store and it keeps a dickens modern edge outside, but is very 1920’s vintage/industrial décor inside, The staff are always super helpful and friendly, I did refrain from buying the Basil Neroli , it was difficult as I truly love their Mimosa & Cardamom & Pomegranate Noir and did fall in love with this but hey ho, I am sure I can wait till November I think ….

For Make-up you have the fabulous Nars which is so cool and such a great vibe! And well I do love an Orgasm … blusher that is people and now the new lip gloss, tut tut you dirty mind you!!

My other favourite is the classy Charlotte Tilbury this store is so elegant, as my lovely Ig’s know as I have got you to buy the gorgeous Pillow Talk lipstick! I am an avid fan of her make up! And this store is heavenly for a browse, sample or purchase!

Now its Bath and body time, so I love to go to firstly Molton Brown the lady that works in the Covent Garden store is just adorable and so helpful! She is on holiday this week in Portugal lucky thing, but she is very knowledgeable and is just so lovely! We did buy a few bits, and were drawn to the new “Seabourn collection” This is only in the shop for a month before it is only available on the Seabourn cruise ships, OMG I kid you not this range is stunning and completely gives off the Spa feel and makes your skin and hair so soft and smelling gorgeous! I cannot recommend this range enough and does play a part in my SPA at home routine. The other new range we just fell in love with especially as it was so warm is the Bushukan via Thailand – so refreshing and exhilarating! we left with our purses a lot lighter but excited to get home and try out all our new products!

We then strolled round to as you have also seen from my Instagram one of my faves  Rituals  , I really do love their products and adore their candles and diffusers, I fell in love with their “ritual of light” at Christmas and one of my favourite candles is their Woody Vanilla. I picked up their new and Limited edition “express your soul” range which is just a juicy bursting fresh fragrance! I bought the diffuser which is gloriously perfuming my sitting room as we speak! I also bought the body & Linen spray for their other new range “the ritual of Karma “ and I am so glad I got this, I am receiving many compliments on this and it’s so striking, fresh but sexy.

Just when you think there was no more shop left in us, we headed to our last port of call Atelier Cologne well I am sure you can tell by the photos what a place this is! The perfumes are heavenly! I managed to buy a bottle of 200ml of Jasmine Angelique and they have a deal where if you buy a 200ml you receive a travel purse spray in a fragrance of your choosing and can have your name or initials engraved on the leather case – which I had done as you can also see in the photo! and I love, love, love it! It is an expensive shop, but if perfume is your thing, and you want a lavish treat for yourself do stop here, the Gentleman and Young lady who will assist you are so lovely and helpful! The Gentleman I have to say is model devastatingly gorgeous! I did think at some point I was losing the power of speech!

Anyways, after all of that I was so shopped and people watched out (oh don’t forget I loaded my video of Mr Bones entertaining everyone), that it was time to get home and collect my lovely Lab Finleyfoo. There is no welcome than collecting him when he has been away from us for the day! Even though to his nose I must have smelt like a chemical factory he still licked me to death! I really do hope you get the opportunity to go to Covent Garden and have a look around as it’s got something for everyone, and if you like the skincare by Diciem and the Ordinary a large shop is opening there very soon!

Speak soon peeps & please don’t forget to leave your suggestions of what to see and do in Covent Garden! xx




Covent Garden Shopping

Conservatory Install, a year in the making!

I have had a few of you lovely lot asking about the install of our conservatory, how it went along the way and how it is now, so just for you……

It all started in May 2016, we decided instead of moving we were going to do home improvements. We decided on a conservatory instead of an extension as didn't want the hassle of applying for planning permission. We ended up choosing Anglian Windows because they are the only one at the moment to give the option of a glass roof. We knew that they would have to bring the glass roof and the skips etc. through the back as there is no space to bring it through the front, which meant we had to hire a garden company to install new fencing and a gate at the back of the garden, which has now warped and doesn’t look as good as it should, but hey ho it’s all a learning curve! Firstly we had to remove my late dad’s beloved Jasmine plant which I have to say was hard to say goodbye to as it was stunning and the smell was gorgeous but these things have to be done. We also on the other side had to have a Russian vine plant removed in time for the start of the install in September. They had to do this in two separate visits, and they were becoming fully booked hence why this process started in July. We were all ready by September when the team arrived and it took about 7 days for them to dig out the foundations, build the bricks and thus creating the base. There were a few hiccups like the wrong bricks being supplied and built and having to be taken down and restarted, hence why it took 7 days and these guy’s worked all weekend to rectify it, the team were given the wrong plans, and the team were not supplied with an outside toilet as requested, the poor lads had to walk all the way to the supermarket or just didn’t drink much and it was very warm! This seems to be the norm though with big building work just be prepared for hiccups and flexibility when you are going through the process of making changes  to your home  which involves extending or renovating. The guys were so hardworking and done a fantastic job, and after 3 days of being left to settle the conservatory installers arrived. These were another great bunch of guys who worked so hard to have it all ready within 3 days. And as you see by the photos it was all complete within the 2 week period, it’s a pretty big one at 23ft long but 4ft in width. It sits lovely alongside our 24ft long front room as they also installed new patio style doors between both rooms. The only problem is the garden was left like a bomb site and due to it it being the end of September and more house projects to start we could not make a start on that until late Spring 2017! So we kept our eyes shut at the view outside the window.

 As you can see in the slideshow it was a fantastic space to play with! I had seen a copper table by Habitat on Pinterest which I just fell for, so I then knew with all the light that would be flooding through and the white and red brick work I had to incorporate Copper and rose gold, as it just knew this would add a warmth and help further bounce light around, here enters my fabulous lights from Wayfair which my electrician named “day of the triffids “ luckily for Lee I have a sense of humour and didn’t decide to plug him in somewhere! Just kidding Lee!

What about the fabrics?

Well I knew I wanted soft grey roller blinds as with all the brightness and warmth we needed a little soft cooling. We chose these lovely blinds and they were made to measure and installed by a lovely husband and wife team and dog owners so perfect!

To create balance we went for Soft grey laminate flooring by Carpet right and the most gorgeous fluffy sink into grey rugs by Dunelm – Finleyfoo is very partial to languishing here! For winter we went for big fluffy cushions and a blush pink as for Christmas decorations I like to use lot of pastel décor. As we have a gorgeous snow white Christmas tree and a smaller white one for the conservatory and I do like “flow!” We have also installed a sofa bed by Tesco in here so if we have a few visitors at once I can sleep down here with Finleyfoo and be gracious and give up my bedroom, we then installed a chic studded chair also by Wayfair wish looks fab with a throw and a couple of cushions.

I have played a lot with the décor as I said firstly with blush and grey, to then bright mint, yellow & turquoise for spring/summer. I haven’t decided what I will do with the space this autumn winter; I am sure I will shop around my home and change it up once again! Maybe I will do a lilac theme this time! As the blush colour pallet has moved into the front room for its huge makeover.

As you can see my main staple is always Faux flowers & real flowers and of course my other love is my passion for candles which I use to accessorize and change up the space. This is also alongside my large collection of hardback books! Yes I have a problem and am a Décor/Lifestyle/cookbook Hardback Amazon addict! I am also a candle addict! I could probably do a whole post on candles and fragrance your home, if you would like to see that do leave a comment below! Anyhoo! Sorry I do digress! Cushions and throws are a major player for me as well as table décor in changing up this space. I have I think taken up shares (no not really. I wish) in Maison de Monde as well as Pottery Barn and Anthropologie! These shops are heaven to me! There is some toe curling, contented sighing when I wander round these stores whether virtually or in person! Anthropologie I could actually live in! Oh god see I digress again, Sorry Peeps! It’s the Scottish in me, we like to *blether as they say!

 We have moved our old dining table which has seen lots of scalding’s and all sorts so you will never see the wood be free it is always covered by a table cloth, and I really didn’t feel the dark brown leather chairs were working the space either, we couldn’t at this point afford a new table and chairs so I looked into how I could cover them, I was happy to say Maison de Monde had the answer YES!! We bought lovely soft grey linen matching table cloth and chair covers, and it all just flowed perfectly. I have since picked up beautiful linen chair covers from Dunlem Mill ( yes should also have shares here too) in a nice soft linen beige colour as this now flows with the base colour scheme of the front room.

My copper table is the star of the show, for this reason I have purposely kept certain pieces soft and plain so that we can layer colour in the form of accessories to complement and help change up the space for either season, party or well whatever takes my fancy! And having a Labrador who moults like a yeti I have to be mindful in what I am choosing and where I am placing it! Having pets you do have to choose your fabric carefully, as it must have durability but still provide a luxe look and feel.

 I hope you have found this interesting and helpful, if you have any questions or comments please do leave them below and I will get back to you! Thank you for spending some time getting to know the Louloulouisey Lifestyle! 

Conservatory Install - a year in the making Photos


Finished and ready to Decorate

The Triffids apparently!

Bright and fresh for Spring & Summer

Finleyfoo all Hygge on the rug and my gorgeous table!

Louloulouisey's life